Monday, May 2, 2011

The week leading to the Big Day!

We have a very big wedding coming up on Sunday... and regardless of how organized you are, there are still a million and one things that need to be done as we approach the big day!!!! 

It is on weeks like this that I wonder how brides that don't have planners do it????? Seriously if my bride did not have a planner, I'm not sure if she would have made it sane to walk down the isle!!!!!! 

For those that are curious as to what kind of things you could possibly have to do on the last week of the wedding... here's a list to entertain you :)
  • Supply a list to the caterer with the meal choices of all guests as well as vendors that will be eating on the day of.
  • Confirm final number of tables with florist so they could make the right amount of arrangements + the final $ balance is dependent on that!
  • Meet with Venue to go over floor plan and all required details (set up, supplier list etc...)
  • Supply the stationery designer and calligrapher with the most updated and final place cards list.
  • Call all suppliers to get the balances required to pay them on the day of wedding.
  • Meet with couple to settle all payments and collect amounts to distribute to suppliers on the wedding day. (this includes tips)
  • Confirm final number of guests with rental company and make sure all rentals are adjusted based on the final guest number.
  • Make sure that the final number of guests correspond with the table place setting supplied by the couple!! Thank God we did that today... because it did not, so we had to revisit that list!!!
  • Coordinate Rehearsal dinner
  • Answer questions that all suppliers might have... just today the phone rang at least 10 times by different suppliers asking questions... imagine the bride getting these calls???
  • Confirm delivery times with all suppliers to make sure that the docking station won't be jammed at one time.

Of course there are a lot of last min. surprises that arise that we have to deal with at all events... and then the most common thing is last minute cancellations by guests, and the decisions that the bride makes about some things that require us canceling something or getting new things.  In this case, she decided this week that she would like to have  wish tree so we have to find a way of getting monogramed cards that will be used on the wish tree. :)

All this to say that we love planning weddings... we love the adrenaline rush... and we love knowing that while we are working hard and running around like chickens with no head... there is a bride someplace, enjoying every moment of her planning... of course thanks to the Maddy K team ;)

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