Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Barn Wedding?????

As some of you might know, this week is a crazy week for us... crazier than usual, because Sunday's wedding is bigger and much more elaborate than the average wedding!! So lots to take care of and the to do list seems to be never ending!!  Of course, in the midst of the Chaos of the week... me and the lovely Zeina Issa had to take a road trip to Montreal Tremblant to check out a venue for a barn wedding we're planning for this August!!!! 

The trip up was boring for me, cause all I was doing was driving and listening to Zeina call suppliers and finalize details for the upcoming wedding... meanwhile, on my side, my emails were accumulating, my voice mail was full and as every minute passed by in the car, was every minute I was falling behind on my list of to-dos!!! The joys!!!!!!

I know what your thinking... why are we visiting a venue for an August wedding NOW??? Well... the couple just decided to get married in August in Montreal... plans were very different just a month ago, so you could imagine the urgency of us having to go and see the venue and approve it!!! 

Long story short, I wanted to share with you how impressed I was with Blueberry Lake Resorts!!!  What a perfect venue for a destination wedding and a couple looking to have a week end affair!!!  They resort has a barn that I was hesitant about, until I saw it and just fell in love with it... they also have a beach and could host an outdoor ceremony on the lake!!!! Everything the bride was looking for... it really is a complete package and we just were in awe of everything there!!! It's nothing fancy, it's more rustic ... which is why I was even more impressed, because to find something nice and rustic in Montreal, has proven to be a huge challenge!!! Venue Check :)

Photo of the Barn from outside!

Now the next challenge was to get back to downtown Montreal in time for our 4:00 p.m. appointment for a table setting presentation for one of our July brides...  although we were 10 min. late... we made it and the bride just loved everything about the table!!! 

Of course although all brides were very happy at the end of the day... the only unhappy thing was my body... from the amount of junk we ate on the road!!!

I really can't wait for August for our very first Barn Wedding... It's going to be an experience and I will surely keep you posted!!!


  1. What a beautiful place for a perfect wedding...I just discovered your blog, it's just so great.

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  5. Very nice place. I was looking for a barn like this for my wedding and I found your blog. By any chance do you have the adress ?
    Thank you !

    Vicki from Québec

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