Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding makes me sad! :(

Princess Diana with Baby Prince William  
I know a lot of you might think I am a looser for thinking this, but I really just can't help it!!!! As the Royal Wedding day has been approaching, as I have felt sadder and sadder and even more sadder... and no one really knows why! I have avoided the subject and frankly was actually considering not watching it and hoping that it would just go away... but obviously being in the wedding industry, you really can't avoid it and the temptation of watching is just way tooo strong!!! So yes I will be watching it... but with a very heavy heart!!!

The reason for my sadness is due to the fact that Princess Diana will not be there for her sons wedding. She probably used to dream of this day for her son, like I dream of this day for my son and so do all mothers in the world.  I would be heart broken, if I don't get to see the day my son gets married... it would be my worst nightmare!!! I feel so bad for Prince William and am sure that he feels the void in his heart and will be missing his mother on the most important day of his life!!! We all know that nothing can replace the love of a mother, and I am sure that Princess Diana would have done her utmost to make sure that her sons wedding was beyond perfect.  As I put my son to bed, I look into his eyes and pray that I will be around to see him grow into a man and one day get married to the women of his dreams {I don't know if I'll like that}. ;) - I wish that for all mothers out there!

As for the second reason for my sadness...

I was a very young girl when Princess Diana and Prince Charles tied the knot years ago... and I remember so vividly watching the whole event with my mother for hours. I remember thinking to myself how one day I will also be marrying my prince, and I will have a very long veil just like Princess Diana. It was that day, for the first time in my life, I started to dream about my wedding day and started believing in fairy tales! The wedding of Kate & William marks the end of an ERA and the end of that little girl that had such big dreams... the end of my fairy tale!!!  It signifies the beginning of the new life, new dreams, new princesses and new fairy tales for little girls that still have the rest of their lives !!! Although as an adult you are still allowed to dream, but we all know very well that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to dream like a little kid... I feel sad, because I miss that little girl that was sitting on her mothers bed years ago with a huge smile on her face and a world to discover!! 

Tomorrow through Will and Kate's weddings... new dreams will be created by little girls all around the world and it will mark the beginning of a new era!!

On a happier note... I really can't wait to see Kate's dress ;)

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