Thursday, April 14, 2011

What you don't know part 2

Meeting my husband changed the plans I had... and made me call Montreal - Home! 

After graduation I found a sales job at a company called Marcus Evans... it was at that company that I learned the 101 on Sales; of course combined with my natural born sales skills, I was ready to take on the world!!! Sales by the way is the core essence of any and every business - if your good at it, you will excel regardless of your talent! (that's my 2 cents).

After that  I got another job at a local venture cap firm, that had a division in publications... it was there that I learned 2 very important things The magazine business and how to promote your business with a budget of $0.  I learned about fashion, content creation both offline and online, advertising, and most importantly planning events... I was in charge of planning launch parties  and fashion shows in collaboration with large brands! It was definitely a stepping stone in my career.

That summer while visiting home I got an offer from a very large local newspaper to be director of all of their special publications (magazine inserts). It was a life-changing decision I had to make... it involved moving and working for a very large company that did not really align with my plans of being an ENTREPRENEUR! So I declined. 

That same year a friend of mine gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and for that I will always be grateful to him. He got me into an interactive-marketing agency and introduced me to the world of Business on the web!  It was that experience that has thought me everything I know about interactive marketing... how to promote your business online, how to leverage social media tools and how to always be relevant!!! Through serving clients like Aldo, La Senza and Bell, I learnt so much and have implemented all of those learnings onto my own businesses! 
In conclusion: It is my knowledge of marketing that makes my business such a success. Of course combined with my creative skills and customer service skills...but what's the point of being good at what you do, if you are not able to get any clients????

Lesson Learnt: Every experience in life has a reason and a purpose... so make the most of it. You will have to revisit it again in your lifetime and you are going to wish that you had paid attention!

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