Friday, April 15, 2011

A tasting like no other...

Being a Wedding Planner is by no means an easy task but it does come with its share of perks that we love so much... :) One of them being: TASTINGS!!! 

I don't go on tastings with all my clients, because I feel that tastings is one of the very few times that the couple and their families can actually enjoy the planning process and create an experience from it!!! I do however get some of my couples that really want me there to share the experience with them, and at that point, I go with pleasure!!!! 

Recently we went for an afternoon tasting at one of our favorite catering restaurants Bice! We've worked with Bice many times in the past, however they never cease to impress us and blow us away with not just the quality of the food, but the service!!!  Of course... this doesn't come at a cheap price...but if you can afford it, I say it's worth every single penny!!! Specially if the couples are foodies!!! 

Of course my assistant Zeina (Luv you Z!) is first to be at Bice when it's tasting time ;) and I must say, they love her there ... she works very closely with Allie (who we love) and both their attention to detail makes the  end result perfection!!!  By the way, Bice's garden (il Giardino) is the perfect venue for bridal or baby showers!!! They have the best brunch and the setting is just perfect!!!

So going back to our tasting... we met with the bride and groom and both their mothers! It was such a pleasant lunch ... we started with tasting all the canapes... which were out of this world. Then we moved on to the salad plate, pasta plate (by now we were stuffed), main course (Fillet Mignon, Chicken and Fish) and the grande finale was a selection of 10 different deserts that they usually use for their desert bars (You have to try their bread pudding... YOU HAVE TO) ! We were there for 3 hours, and by the time we walked out of there all we wanted to do was roll over and sleep!!! 

We will be going for another tasting in a week at Bice... but this time it's an evening tasting, so I'm pacing myself!!! I am actually looking forward to it, because I just love the family and the couple and I am sure there will be lots of laughter and fun during those 3 hours of bliss!

So as you can see... it is not all that bad to be a wedding planner! The only downfall is my increasing waist line... but then again the tastings are not the only reason for that! ;)

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