Friday, April 22, 2011

My other baby - The Bridal Boudoir Affair!!

Photo Courtesy of Fusion Photography
Ever since I found out I was pregnant all I've been thinking about is my other baby - The Bridal Boudoir Affair!!! Initially the Boudoir was scheduled to be early December just like the two previous years... but with the news that I would be giving birth just a few weeks before that date... I had no choice to revisit my plans.  

When I founded the boudoir in 2009, I had put my heart and soul into it... I did it truly because I wanted to give the brides in this city something exciting, something glamorous, something that they will always look back at and say WOW we were part of the boudoir experience!!!! My intention was never to compete or replace any of the other existing shows, because I feel that they all have their place in this city.  However, to find a date that did not disrespect any of the other existing shows was difficult.  My business practice in life is that before business, comes self-respect, integrity and honesty.  So I worked hard to find a date that would still allow all the other shows to still have their proper space for marketing and advertising ... hence I chose December. 

I was so surprised at how the Bridal Boudoir was embraced by brides and suppliers of this city... it really was overwhelming to me and it became my pride and joy.  My team and I worked day and night the months leading to the boudoir and we tried very hard to always innovate and impress!!! All this to say, that the Bridal Boudoir is my baby and having to make a decision about it because I am having another baby was a very difficult decision.  

Photo courtesy of Fusion Photography
Knowing the amount of work and stress involved leading up to the event, it has left me thinking if it is really something I want to go through with a newborn. I really want to enjoy the time with my baby as a newborn because I know that those days will never come again. So after long hours of research and talking with some close friends in the business, I have decided to move the boudoir and make it a spring show! It will be in early March and I am confident that it will prove to be, even  a better date than December.  My final decision was made when in February and April, I was bombarded by couples planning their 2012 weddings, and I realized that March would be a perfect month to capture the brides that plan a year ahead as well as the brides that are planning for the upcoming fall. My gut says it will be great... and my gut is always right ;)

So all this to say that we will not be having a 2011 Bridal Boudoir however we will be having a spring 2012 Bridal Boudoir at a location that has already been selected, but will be announced shortly.

I thank you for all of the suppliers that have emailed us, called us and inquired about 2011... you will all still be invited to participate, and we will be contacting you shortly.  Until then I want to thank all of those that have believed in the boudoir from day one... I will forever be grateful to you and look forward to many more successful boudoir years!!! Join our Facebook page to get updates as we make more announcements in the coming months!

For those that haven't seen yet, you should check out the video from our 2010 boudoir that was created by our friends over at Ioan Films!! 


  1. Congrats on a decision well made - a Spring Boudoir will be perfect!!! xoxo

  2. Congradulations with baby #1... I mean the live one in your belly. People can wait for the other baby... A good thing is worth waiting for.

  3. Thank You Hera!!! You are absolutely right... #1 is more important by far!!!

  4. Bonne chance avec le petit nouveau et pour le Boudoir, vous le savez que nous y serons peut importe le mois choisi !