Monday, April 25, 2011

April 24th - What it means!

Armenians from all over the world, will agree, when I say that April 24th is not just a regular day for us!!! Ever since I could remember, we remembered and mourned on April 24th for all of the innocent Armenians that died on that day!

For those that don't know,  Armenians were the first Christian nation in the world... and April 24th commemorates the death of 1.5 million Armenians during the  Armenian Genocide that took place in 1915 by the Turks.  2011 marked the 96th year that we remember those who died and pray for their souls.  We will never forget what the Turks did to innocent children, women and seniors, and as the years go by, and as the Turks keep denying that the Armenian Genocide ever took place... as we  get more and more united to prove to the world that what the Turks did to us 96 years ago, not only made us stronger but made us united!!!

I remember so vividly when I was a young girl; my Grandfather would tell us the story of how him and his family exiled Armenian during that time and witnessed the horrifying events that were taking place.  Some of the stories he shared with us, I will never forget, and will hold close to my heart!!! Some of the heroic act of young Armenian men, were the reason my grandfather even had a chance at life... and was able to exile to Syria and then to Lebanon, to start his life all over again. Unfortunately, not everyone was as lucky as my Grandfather.

As a proud Armenian, I will do my utmost to teach my kids the history of the Armenians and our ancestors! Even though we are all scattered in the four corners of the world, and some through generations have even lost the language, but I assure you that  when 2 Armenians come together... they will unite, build a church and a school,  they will fight for the Armenian cause and will build their own little Armenia, wherever in the world they are!!!

We will always remember... and will make sure that one day the entire world will recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide! Until then I encourage you to visit The Forgotten for more info about this historical date.

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