Thursday, April 21, 2011


January 2010 four Montreal based Wedding Designers got together and formed the Association of Montreal professional Wedding Designers a.k.a AMPWD!! I was one of those designers and was blessed to have met three wonderful wedding planners who had the same vision and goal in forming the AMPWD!!! Please meet Rachel Gervais from an English Rose, Suzanne Hurst from Galleria Event Design and Daniela Caputo from Montreal Event Planner! Three ladies that I have grown to love and adore!! :)

Montreal is a very small city, and for years now the number of wedding designers has been growing exponentially, and we felt that the city needed to have a professional association to represent the group of professionals that we have in this city!!! Let me tell you, the talent we have is out of this world!!!! 

Its been over a year now that the association came together and although the first year was really more administration and putting all the formalities together in joining an official association like this... we are finally enjoying the fruits of our hard labor!!! We are also so pleased that other wedding designers see the benefit in being part of an association like this and have become members and take part in our monthly association meetings!

Two months ago we were invited to the beautiful Sofitel Hotel, by the wonderful Julie Pairault!!! Not only were we spoiled by the spread of yummy treats they had laid out for us, but we were also given a tour of the hotel and their banquet spaces!!! What a beautiful hotel to host a wedding or a social event at!!! That month our guest speaker was the amazing motivational speaker Terri Giosia!! She not only brought us back to the basics of life... but she inspired us all to live fully and try to laugh more!!! For me the experience was wonderful!!! Thank You Terri!!!

This month the Club Mount Stephen hosted our meeting and again we were spoiled with  a spread of sandwiches, salads, and deserts!!! Our host Olimpia Tammaro was so gracious and gave us a tour of the house... although I had been to the Mount Stephens on numerous occasions, I never had heard the history behind the house! I was intrigued! My favorite room in the whole house was  Lady Mount Stephen's 'boudoir' - but are you really surprised about that?????? I even told Olimpia that it would be a perfect room for a romantic proposal... and of course they had already done that!!! So much for my great ideas!!!

Lady Mount Stephen's Boudoir
I have never had the pleasure of designing a wedding at the Mount Stephens, but I would love to!!! Their rooftop terrace blew me away... I am sure not a lot of couples in the city know about this terrace, because if they find out about it, I am sure it would be fully booked for social events! I would host showers, rehearsal dinners, even birthday parties would be perfect for the rooftop terrace!!!! Definitely worth a visit!

As for our guest speaker this month... was Kathleen Gran from chic style, who talked to us about branding your image (body image). She gave us some tips and told us do's and dont's regarding appearances!!! I did learn a lot and although I thought I knew how to present myself well and that my body image reflected by brand... I was wrong! There are some little things that you could tweak that will make a huge impact in your appearance and in the way people will perceive you!!! You should definitely follow her and subscribe to her blog! Thank You Kathleen for your insightful presentation!!

We have some very interesting key speakers lined up for the year as well as visits to some intriguing venues...and along the way, lots of laughs and fun times, with ladies who do what I do for a living and love it!! 


  1. Great blog Maddy; thank you for the mention, it's very appreciated :)

  2. Love the blog and love having a great new friend to learn and grow with xx

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